Claudia Combs Carty

Instructor/Wilderness Leadership


Boston, Massachusetts

Berklee College of Music, Bauman College, SNHU

Voice and Professional Music, Nutrition, Communications


What types of outdoor experiences inspired you into an interest in nature and nature based education?

Hiking has been a necessity for me since I was very young. My dad shared his love for nature and the outdoors, and for as long as I can remember I found a different kind of peace from being out there. Teaching is my calling, and I find that naturally my lessons have gravitated toward the outdoors, adventuring, sharing with kids an appreciation for natural and simple things, which I find especially important these days with the internet and the high-paced lifestyle we all live. I’m interested in sharing the healing and calming abilities the wilderness has to offer. 


Have you ever had a “close call” in nature whether with an animal or with the environment?

Backpacking on the PCT in 2020, we came pretty close to being surrounded by a wildfire. There was a lightning storm the night before, so we made a shelter and camped for the night. When we woke up, there was smoke everywhere. Thankfully, there was a safe trailhead not too far away. 


How many countries/states/national parks have you traveled to?

Not enough! I basically lived in Yosemite for a few years when an old boyfriend worked for the tree service there, so that is the park I am most intimately familiar with. Zion was my first and it brought tears to my eyes. Whenever I travel anywhere in the US, I stop at parks that are close by. There are so many beautiful places in this country and beyond.