REFUNDS and Cancelations

When you pay for a ticket to Black Oak Wilderness School events you are making a charitable contribution to a non-profit organization. For that donation you are being offered an optional service as a very sincere "thank you" both from our organization and the communities we serve. There will be occasions when the date of your class must be postponed due to low enrollment. We have a minimum enrollment of 5 students for most classes and in some cases 10. The minimum enrollment will be listed in the class description. Our classes are recurring and your ticket will be honored infinitely for any class you decide to take or the price of that ticket may be applied to any other class you might wish to take. If you decide that you cannot attend any class or future classes you may email us through the contact form linked HERE or at the bottom of our website and you will be offered a tax deductible "letter of acknowledgement". If your student(s) are the recipient(s) of a scholarship you will be refunded the amount that you have paid.

Drugs and alcohol


It is illegal for students under the age of 21 to possess alcohol, tobacco (nicotine), or cannabis. If a student is found with these or any other illicit substances during BOWS programs we will call parents immediately and ask them to pick up their student. We will follow up with that student and their parents by having a mediated restorative conversation before considering whether or not that student will be allowed to return to programs. This is a health and safety concern. We allow students to participate in risky activities... if a student is intoxicated or is encouraging other students to be intoxicated while we are leading one of these activities, then they put both themselves and the group at risk and may not be welcome back. Parents will be asked to pick up students immediately and a supervisor will schedule a time for a restorative conversation. There are no refunds for students who are asked to leave camp for behavioral reasons. 


Alcohol and cannabis use may be allowed during adult camping classes but must be relegated to times when we are not leading dangerous or risky activities. A beer or two with dinner is not a big deal but must be moderated to an appropriate level. Intoxication is unacceptable. We are also subject to the rules of each site that we use. Our High Sierra site prohibits open flame and all other sites have designated smoking areas. Drug and alcohol use is prohibited at all shop classes... because safety. If you become intoxicated at any of our classes we will kindly ask you to order a cab... and have you driven someplace safe to sleep it off at your own expense. No refunds will be issued. If that is unsatisfactory and you refuse to leave, we'll have you escorted by someone in uniform.

Inclusion/SAFE SPACE

We work very hard to make sure all people feel welcome at our programs. BOWS has a zero tolerance policy on bullying, discrimination, and hate speech. Discouraging language and/or behavior around historically marginalized communities including but not limited to communities of ethnicity, race, gender, sex, sexuality, relationship style, age, ability, or religion will result in immediate ejection from programs. In the absence of restorative actions, offenders may be asked not to return to any BOWS programs or events. No refunds will be given and half of your registration fee will be donated to an organization supporting the community you have harmed. The other half will be used towards scholarships for members of the harmed community to attend BOWS classes.


Unless you check the box to opt out of our photo policy, all photographs taken by Black Oak Wilderness School staff or volunteers are the sole intellectual property of Black Oak Wilderness School and may be used in advertisements both in print and online. Your picture or your student's picture may be posted on social media sites as well as here on our website.