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What does a day of young explorers look like?

Young Explorers is a curiosity based program. Each day and each week will be different in many ways with the structure to keep students happy and safe. A typical day of Young Explorers might look like this:


  • Check in- Students are signed in and guided by one of our IITs (Instructors in Training) to their guide group. 

  • Opening Circle- A grounding exercise in which students are first asked to share one thing that they would like to see, make, explore, or learn during their day/week. Then we try for one minute of still and silent listening. We explain that sometimes in order to see all the magical things nature gives us, we have to be quiet and calm… like seeing a wild animal, noticing a beautiful flower, getting to pet and being gentle with farm animals, or planting a delicate sprout that will someday become a tree or food

  • Energizer- A short activity or game meant to build excitement and curiosity

  • Snack Time- We all need a little energy to keep us going until lunch

  • Block One- The guide(s) will try to find a theme from the opening circle to move the students towards and stay aware of the group's focus and energy. This could include a craft, a hike, visiting the garden, visiting the animals, or playing games. It could also include a silent sit, a nap under a tree, or mindfulness exercise.

  • Lunch! Everyone’s favorite part of the day… let’s be real.

  • Block Two

    • Supervised Unstructured Time- this allows the students to self direct their energy. If they are feeling calm and focused they can work on small and easy projects, lay down on a blanket and talk… or get their high energy out by playing on the play structures.

    • Closing circle- A mindfulness exercise to ground students in their bodies and their experiences. What did you love about your day? What was difficult? What are you excited to do or learn more about?

    • Gratitude and appreciation- Saying thank you to each other and to the land for giving us so much to enjoy and so much to continue to learn and explore.

  • Pick Up- Students are grouped at the pick up area where they are signed out by their parent or approved pick up 


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